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You can use your own URL, just paste it into the box and hit the download button.
Or you can search Youtube using out smart-suggestions search box.
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How to get video to your device as mp4 (or mp3 audio) file?

  • STEP 1: copy video page URL address to your device clipboard. Nowadays it's easy to find said URL via social share button, then copy link option.
  • STEP 2: open GetVideo, click in the search box and paste URL into that box. Hit download button and wait a few moments while we scan the video page.
  • STEP 3: when video download options show up, pick the right size and quality and download as mp4 file or convert to mp3 (only if option is there).
  • Get video helps download and save online video

    How many time have you cried out in dismay - How do I get that video??? Well, not anymore you will.. GetVideo presents the best way to download and save online video - online, right here, using out tools, free and secure, no ads, what else, it's free for everyone and legal if you only keep it for yourself and never give copies to your friends. Now anyone can get video to their device, as long as they got enough WiFi and space in the device's storage.. But GetVideo makes it so much easier, and faster, and it works with several hundred websites and online video hosting platforms. All that to help you get video out of these platforms and into your favorite laptop for offline watching during work or long travel to work, or travel home from work, or maybe during work and instead of work.. Good luck!

    Download Youtube video

    GetVideo makes it easy to get your favorite Youtube video. Simply use search box above to find whatever you want and download as mp4.

    Convert Youtube to mp3

    Get video saved as mp3 to your device. Use Getvideo to convert and download Youtube video as mp3 file, give us the URL or use search.

    Youtube search included. Playlist download supported.

    Getvideo has many nice features that were made specially for Youtube. Why? Well, you must agree, Youtube has all the freshest beats, all the controversial lives, all the concerts and just songs, karaoke and acapella, from 70-80s and from 2020s... Everything is there. And it makes things so much easier to have builtin Youtube search. Just click in the white box above and start typing artist name or song/video title and our smart suggestions system will help you find whatever your heart desires (on Youtube, not in general).

    Getvideo makes it very easy to download Youtube by the playlist. Simply hit share to copy the playlist page URL address, then come to Get Video and paste URL into the white box, hit download button. All the videos in that playlist will be shown to you, just pick the ones you like to download as mp4 or convert to mp3, and one after another - just do it.. To be perfectly candid, you can get video playlist from Dailymotion and bring it here and download same as Youtube. Many sites with multi-video posts will be shown as playlists, time to start getting used to it!

    Getvideo free web-app

    Add to Home Screen

    If you like GetVideo, you will love our app to get video. It's easy to use, looks exactly like this site, and performs all the tasks this site does (or can). It will never need updates and it's always ready to help. Install on Android or Windows device using Chrome browser or MS Edge. Those 4 produce best results and look kinda most acceptable.

    Get video with bookmark

    Download Mp4

    Simple bookmark for desktop and laptop users, drag and drop it to your browser bookmarks section, then open Youtube and start streaming some video. Now press bookmark and, thanks to a bit of javascript, it will send you to get video over here, and URL will be send as well, so you won't need to copy and paste it into the search box. It's just a shortcut of sorts..